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Using Your Meal Swipes & Dining Dollars at Aspire’s Crave Food Hall

Crave Food Hall is located within Aspire at Discovery Park (in Building A). Crave Food Hall is not operated by Purdue Dining & Culinary, however, we have entered into an agreement for the 2019-2020 academic year so those who live in University Residences (who also have a meal plan) can take advantage of Crave’s food offerings.

Instructions on how to use a meal swipe and dining dollars at Crave are below:

Meal Swipe Policy:
Any student who lives in University Residences (in Aspire or elsewhere - including RAs) AND have a meal plan can use ONE swipe for dinner (2:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m., Monday through Friday) at Aspire’s Crave Food Hall. This applies to all UR students, no matter where they live (again, as long as they have a meal plan). If any student has already used all 8 of their PDQ Swipes for the week or all of their 8 or 13 meal plan swipes, they will be denied access at Crave Food Hall and must use another form of payment for their choices.

Dining Dollars & Boiler Express Policy:
Crave will also be accepting Dining Dollars any time of day, seven days a week. Also, new as of the Spring 2020 semester, Boiler Express will be accepted at Crave.

There is a limit of ONE swipe per day. Also, at no time will swipes or dining dollars be allowed for items at the bar. 

Learn more information about Crave and the food offerings available .


Contact for more information.

Grind & Grill Burger

  1. Boiler Combo - Hamburger, Fry and Fountain Drink
  2. Jack & Cake - Avocado Jack Burger with Strawberry Cheesecake Shake

Ricky's Might Fine Meatballs

  1. La Scarpetta - Bowl of Meatballs in sauce with dunking bread and Fountain Drink
  2. Cheese and Tomato Toasted Sandwich with Fountain Soda

Pickle & Rye

  1. Any Sandwich and Fountain Drink
  2. Any Salad and Fountain Drink

Sonny & Sons

  1. Chicken Sandwich, Tater Tots and Fountain Drink

Taco Sabe

  1. 2 Tacos and Fountain Drink
  2. Any Taco, Any Side and Fountain Drink

Shawarma Shack

  1. Any Wrap and Fountain Drink
  2. Any Salad Bowl and Fountain Drink

La Dolcé Vita Caffé

  1. Waffles and choice of New School Regular Café (Coffee) or Fountain Drink

Old Town Fast Fire Pizzeria

  1. Mozzarell Cheese Pizza and Fountain Soda